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Weight Loss Food: Does it Even Exist?

Weight Loss Food: Does it Even Exist?

There is an urgent crisis in America, today – our waistlines are growing too rapidly.

In the past decade alone, we, as a nation, have grown to epic proportions. The most recent data available estimates that nearly 63 percent of American adults are either overweight or obese.

That’s almost a staggering two-thirds of the entire adult population!

Now that we’ve gotten your attention, it’s time to talk about why you’ve ended up on this particular web page. Probably thinking that there is a specific set of foods to eat while trying to lose weight, you’ve entered the term weight loss food into a search engine. A few bits of data flowing through wires, and you’re here.

Is there Even Such a Thing?

It might sound like a silly question to ask, but is there even such as thing as weight loss food?

You can bet that there are certain foods that a person trying to lose weight should try to avoid, but is there a set list of foods that can help you lose weight? The best answer to these questions is: not really. We’ll explain…

As individuals, we all possess certain physical characteristics that cause our bodies to handle the various nutrients we receive from food in different ways. For this reason, there aren’t any sure-fire foods that will help everyone lose weight. Plus, the term weight loss food isn’t doing you any favors. It carries with it a connotation that it is food that makes us heavy, not our food choices. This is a perception that any would-be dieter must smash before they set out to achieve their weight loss goals.

Balanced Nutrition

People seeking to lose weight should focus their energy on reforming the way that they think about food. Rather than being a comfort item, or something that you eat when you are bored, food must become the fuel for your body. Once you have this mindset, a diet of balanced nutrition should be your goal. Focus less on specific kinds of weight loss food, and instead turn your attention to proper portion sizes.

An Alternative to Going it Alone

If you would rather not got through the time-consuming process of planning, shopping for, and preparing healthy meals, consider bistroMD. As an industry leader in nutritionally balanced meals designed for weight loss, we know exactly what your body needs in order to lose weight.

Forget searching for weight loss food, because our expert weight loss physician, Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., has got you covered. Each meal combines the nutritional science provided by Dr. Cederquist, and is prepared by our team of chefs for supreme quality and out of this world flavor.

At bistroMD, we don’t serve gimmicks – just real, honest, weight loss that tastes really good!

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