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Easy Weight Loss is Possible. Let Us Show you How

Easy Weight Loss is Possible. Let Us Show you How

Every day it seems like something else has been deemed an unhealthy diet killer. With more and more weight loss hurdles rearing their ugly faces, the idea of easy weight loss begins to seem too good to be true. But easy weight loss is not just a fantasy. It’s a reality. By making and committing to a few simple changes in your daily routine, you can lose weight easily.

Easy weight loss tips

Take one less bite. Cutting calories can seem like a sacrifice, but those days are behind you! For easy weight loss, eat one less bite of food at each meal. This simple trick can help you cut dozens of calories from your diet while still leaving you feeling full, satisfied and content.

Skip the Drive-Thru. One of the biggest diet killers is the drive-thru. By not eating fast food, you can combat this diet killer and experience easier weight loss. If you are constantly visiting the drive-thru in the morning, wake up a few minutes earlier to make time for a homemade breakfast, grab a yogurt from the fridge on your way out the door, or hard boil some eggs the night before for a quick and healthy on-the-go meal. On the other hand, if you mostly visit these diet traps on your way home from work, pack some healthy afternoon snacks so you are not tempted to grab dinner from a window.    

Jump Around. Another common component of weight loss is exercise. But even exercise has its hurdles. Luckily, you do not need to visit the gym every day or be training for a marathon to experience the benefits of exercise. Instead, move throughout the day. For example, if you normally have lunch delivered to your office, walk to pick it up yourself. Also, make an effort to leave your desk for a few minutes every hour; throughout the course of a day, these few minutes of activity can equal an hour of light exercise.

Wait fifteen minutes. It is normal to get cravings while you’re on a diet. These cravings are often for unhealthy foods. That being said, it is not a crime to indulge and satisfy your cravings as long as you eat in moderation. When eating an unhealthy food item, take a small portion and wait fifteen minutes before you decide to get seconds. By waiting, you will be able to determine if you are still hungry or if what you ate was satisfying enough. Usually, a smaller portion will be just as satisfying as a larger portion. 

Chew gum. One last diet killer is snacking while preparing a meal. If you find yourself trying a little of everything while cooking or baking, you could be adding hundreds of calories to your diet. For easy weight loss, chew gum while you cook to cut out unnecessary calories.

If you’re looking for something fast and convenient without the hassle of frequenting the grocery store, bistroMD offers diet plans that can help you successfully lose weight.

We cook with the freshest ingredients and have over 200 recipes and a customizable menu so you should have no problem finding something to satisfy your taste buds.

Every bite you take follows this proven approach for healthy weight loss. Our program provides 1,100-1,400 calories daily with 40-50% total caloric intake from lean, adequate protein, 20-25% of calories from healthy fats, and 30-35% from complex carbohydrates.

It only takes a few weeks to start seeing results. You don’t have anything to lose, but the fat!

We have a men and a women’s program with the option to receive five-or-seven-days’ worth of healthy meals delivered to your door.

The two programs range from $130-$160 and EATS, our essential and tasty snacks are just $1.50 per snack. Women receive two snacks per day and men receive three snacks per day.

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