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Learn about a host of diabetes-related topics such as how many Americans suffer from this disease to how to easily adjust to a new diet after diagnoses. This section will provide you with the information you need to make informed dietary decisions regarding diabetes.

Diabetic Symptoms

Diabetic Symptoms

Diabetes is a condition that hundreds of thousands of people suffer from, throughout the world. These people share the need to watch what they eat, and when they eat it. They have to check their blood sugar often, sometimes more than six times a day, and some have to inject insulin after every meal in order to make sure that the body can break down the sugar that they ingested during their last meal. Often people do not realize that they are headed down a path for diabetes until it is too late.

There are some diabetic symptoms to watch out for. A person who is knowledgeable about these symptoms, and approaches a doctor early, may be lucky enough to control their diabetes before it becomes very difficult to regulate. If diabetes is caught early enough, it is called "pre-diabetes", and diet and exercise can often stop it from progressing. Diabetes that is not caught in time is called Type 2 diabetes. This form diabetes can be treated with diet and exercise as well, but is very difficult to reverse after its onset.

Some diabetic symptoms can be a bit confusing, because they can be mistaken for other things, while other diabetic symptoms are unmistakable. The first sign, or diabetic symptom, is usually frequent urination. This is often because the person feels thirsty constantly, which is another symptoms to watch out for. If you feel like you have to drink constantly, and are never able to quench your thirst, you should head to your family physician.

There are other symptoms of diabetes, including unexplained weight loss, and a feeling of fatigue. The fatigue can occur either from low blood sugar, or high blood sugar. Imagine how you feel after you eat a turkey dinner. Now magnify that feeling. This is how it feels to have your sugar so high that your body is struggling to function. You get very, very tired, and it happens very quickly. Some people also find that they get very irritable when their sugar is outside of their normal range. Blurred vision is also one of the many diabetes symptoms that you should watch out for. In diabetics, vision starts to blur generally when there is something serious going on, so instead of heading for the optometrist, head for the physician.

If your doctor does discover that you have diabetes, or are a pre-diabetic, due to your diabetes symptoms, you will likely be put on a diet that will help to keep your sugar in check. It can be difficult to learn how to eat the right things, however, after a lifetime of eating whatever you wish.

BistroMD understands how tricky this can be, and is here to provide you with beautiful, tasty food that is good for your body, and will help to keep your sugar levels where they are supposed to be. We even provide snacks so that you can have enough energy to make it through the day.


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