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Learn about a host of diabetes-related topics such as how many Americans suffer from this disease to how to easily adjust to a new diet after diagnoses. This section will provide you with the information you need to make informed dietary decisions regarding diabetes.

Prevent Diabetes: Finding the Right Foods

Prevent Diabetes: Finding the Right Foods

Diabetes is a rapidly spreading health condition. It used to be that only a few people in any town were known to suffer with the disease, but as time has passed, more and more people are showing signs and symptoms of the condition. If you find yourself feeling thirsty more than usual and urinating more than you typically do, you may want to check with your physician to see if your sugar levels are elevated. People who have slightly elevated sugar levels have what is called pre-diabetes. These people can prevent diabetes if they follow a strict diet and exercise regime.

This prospect, though, scares many individuals. After all, getting enough exercise to prevent diabetes is difficult, but having to change what you eat along with it can break a person. In many cases, this causes people to stop their regime and go back to the bad habits that were helping to cause pre-diabetes.

It is very easy to choose the wrong foods. They are all around us! Fast food chains are on almost every corner, offering unhealthy, but quick, meals. Those "ready to eat" meals in the grocery store are often filled with more chemicals than they are healthy foods. These meals will not aid you in your quest to prevent diabetes.

What You Can Do

The first thing you need to learn to avoid if you have been diagnosed as a pre-diabetic is carbohydrates. You can have them in moderation, which is harder than it may seem, but in order to prevent diabetes, you need to lower your intake of sugar, and lowering your carbohydrate levels are a great way to do so. Unfortunately, this can be extremely difficult to do, as carbohydrates are all around us! People often believe that by simply avoid obvious treats, such as chocolate cake or ice cream, they can prevent diabetes. Regrettably , carbohydrates, such as the type that are in bread, pasta and rice, break down into the same sugar, and these types of food are much more difficult to avoid than the treats are.

Most diabetics will tell you that they do not miss treats, such as chocolate bars and brownies, as much as they do other carbohydrate-filled foods. In order to prevent diabetes, however, a pre-diabetic must learn to curb the desire to chow down on some of these very common foods.

It can be difficult to learn how to eat in order to prevent the full onset of diabetes, especially if it means changing entrenched eating habits. Sometimes people find that they need help, especially in those first few critical months, in order to make the right dietary choices to aid them in preventing diabetes. This is where BistroMD can help. BistroMD makes the diet choice-free. That means there is no chance that you will be able to fill yourself up on foods loaded with carbohydrates.

If you would like help in preventing diabetes, please contact us at BistroMD. We've helped hundreds of people prevent diabetes through their diet, and we'll do our best to make it as painless and easy as possible.

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