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Weight Loss Protein Bars: Snack Time Has Never Tasted Better for You!

Snack time is an important time for many people. With so much junk food stacked on shelf after shelf in grocery aisles, weight loss protein bars seem to be a sensible solution for your snack time cravings, without adding more notches to your belt.

Various methods of weight loss have been around for centuries, but protein bars have only recently become a major dieting phenomenon.

The first high-energy protein bars were created in 1961, by Pillsbury. These little servings of high-energy protein called “Space Sticks” were created to capitalize on the popularity of the global space race.

“Space Sticks” were promoted as high-energy protein bars and contained ingredients that included carbohydrates and fat. The original flavors available for purchase were caramel, chocolate, malt, mint, and, of course, peanut butter.

With the growing popularity of “Space Sticks” in the late 60’s, other food companies began developing their own versions of high-energy protein bars. Today, protein bars are consumed as an energy source, as a healthy snack alternative, and as an aid in healthy weight loss.

Protein plays a significant role in weight loss, and in your snack time. Protein is essential when it comes to healthy weight loss, because of its staying power. Protein can make you feel fuller for a longer period of time and can satisfy your hunger, while reducing those sudden cravings for all things sweet and salty.

BistroMD may not have invented the “Space Stick” but we do have a variety of healthy and delicious weight loss protein bars that can help you achieve your goals, while satisfying your daily snack cravings.

Here are just of the few weight loss protein bars created by our experts for your snack time enjoyment:

Weight Loss Protein Bars BerryDouble Berry Protein Bar

Step up from the minor league cereal bars you had as a kid, and get your daily snack time fix with BistroMD’s very own protein-packed Double Berry Protein Bar.

This chewy and delicious weight loss protein bar is made with chunks of roasted soybeans and peanuts, and layered with a delectable coating of natural raspberry and blueberry purees.

Instead of reaching for the bag of chips, or the jar of cookies, choose BistroMD’s Double Berry Protein Bar instead.

Your snack time will never taste better!

Weight Loss Protein Bars ChocolateFudge Graham Protein Bar

This weight loss protein bar is sure to give you a snack-time chocolate fix without the extra calories!

This chewy and delicious weight loss protein-packed snack bar is layered with roasted peanuts, soybeans, and then dipped in a rich layer of all natural, low-fat cocoa.

With BistroMD’s Fudge Graham Protein Bar, chocolate has never tasted so good, or been so satisfying!

Weight Loss Protein Bars CinnamonCinnamon Protein Bar

Sprinkled with a coating of glistening cinnamon, snack time has never tasted so sweet, or so healthy.

Packed with a healthy serving of protein, this delectable bar is made with layers of crispy roasted soybeans, and topped with a delicate layer of freshly ground cinnamon.

With a sweet taste of cinnamon, plus the healthy nutrition from crispy soybeans, this weight loss protein bar is sure to be one of your new favorite snack time choices.

To see more healthy snack time options, delivered to your door by the experts at BistroMD, check out our new snack menu here.

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