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A Healthy Grocery List Can Save You Some Trouble and Some Pounds

A Healthy Grocery List Can Save You Some Trouble and Some Pounds

Do you have the best, healthiest intentions but somehow always end up buying unhealthy food at the grocery store? Or maybe, you’re just not sure what kinds of healthy foods you should have in your cupboards. If either of the two scenarios sounds familiar, don’t worry because you are not alone. Unhealthy, junk food companies strategically place their food in the grocery story to make you buy more of it. So, it’s not completely your fault.

Luckily, you can beat their tricks by having a healthy grocery list on hand, shopping around the perimeter of the store, and never shopping on an empty stomach.

Healthy Grocery List

Buying healthy food or trying to determine the healthiest choice at the grocery store can be a challenge for someone who’s not used to eating healthy. With so many options and not enough time to fully consider all of the possibilities, it is easy to buy unhealthy foods that do not match your diet.

Instead of falling victim to the grocery store trap, make a healthy grocery list and follow it. As a guide, your healthy grocery list should include:

- Vegetables. Vegetables are the foundation for a varied, healthy diet. By adding vegetables to your cart and adding them to your favorite recipes, your overall health can improve.

- Fresh Fruit. Fruit is full of vitamins and minerals and tastes great! Eat fruit instead of an unhealthy snack for maximum benefits.

- Lean Cuts of Meat. Lean cuts of meat are full of protein and have little or no visible fat. This is a much better choice than prepackaged meat or meat substitute.  

- Dairy. Milk, cheese, and yogurt can be great additions to a healthy diet because they are full of calcium. Buy fresh dairy instead of prepackaged grated cheese, spray cheese, or chocolate milk.

- Eggs. Eggs are full of protein and can be cooked to make a cheap, quick breakfast.

- Whole Grain Bread. This bread is usually located in the bakery section of the store. Look for whole grain breads and avoid white breads, cookies, and pastries.

Although certain foods such as chips and snack food did not make the healthy grocery list, they can still be purchased in moderation. For example, only buy one bag of chips instead of three or four, even if they are on sale. Also, if you are going to buy unhealthy food, limit yourself to one unhealthy item per grocery trip and include it on your list. For example, if you buy cookies do not buy chips or cereal with high sugar content.

Shop Around the Perimeter

In most cases, the healthiest food in the store is located along the edges (perimeter) of the store and the unhealthy food is located smack dab in the center of the store. For example, the produce, deli and dairy sections are along the walls and the pasta, chips, cookies, and soda are down the center aisles.

To beat this trick, when you first enter the store, shop along the perimeter of the store and buy fresh fruits and vegetables, lean cuts of meat, eggs and dairy. Only after you have shopped the entire perimeter, enter the center aisles and even then make sure you follow your healthy grocery list.

Time Your Shopping

If you do most of your shopping before dinner or on an empty stomach, you could be hindering your weight loss efforts. Instead, time your shopping by going to the store after a snack or a meal or when you are not stressed. By shopping when you are hungry or stressed, you are more likely to buy snack food or purchase impulse buys. And once this food is bought and brought into your house, you are more likely to eat it and buy it again, even if it is not on your healthy grocery list. 

The grocery store challenge can be overcome by making and following a healthy grocery list, shopping along the perimeter of the store and shopping on a full stomach.

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