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Healthy Eating Habits and Motivation Equal Success

Healthy Eating Habits

At a certain point of one’s life, one is bound to say they are going to transform their eating habits to a lifestyle of healthy eating. Most of these people never follow through with such a plan due to a lack of motivation.

Motivation can exist in many forms, and is a crucial component of trying to change a person’s eating habits. I have a source of motivation in my life to inspire me to eat healthy, and I bet I can help you find yours too.

My source of motivation to eat healthy is to keep myself in shape so I can perform my best when I play basketball. Being an athlete, I must eat healthier than others. I make this choice in order to ensure that I have the right fuel for my body. This means staying away from soda, candy, and food loaded with sugar and fat. I know many kids my age are athletes, and as such are always looking for a competitive edge.

A simple edge one can gain comes from the decision to start eating healthy. This will put an athlete in better shape than their peers, and will provide better nutrition for their body to function.

Whether someone is a "weekend warrior" trying to stay fit, or an athlete training for a marathon, what one eats can affect how they perform. Eating right can give a person the edge to help energize their workout or reach the 26th mile.

Another reason my peers and I should put down the soda and pick up the milk, is so we do not develop health-related diseases at a young age, or invite the development of such diseases in later in our lives.

For example, consuming too much sugar can lead to diabetes. Type two diabetes, for the most part, is a preventable ailment. Another dramatic cause of eating unhealthy is the development of kidney stones. Both kidney stones and diabetes could greatly affect one’s life. This alone should make kids to want to eat healthy.

Once you have the necessary motivation to eat healthy, here is an eating guideline to follow: Fueling exercise requires quality carbohydrates, lean protein, heart-healthy fats, and fluids.

Also keep in mind that the quality of the calories is just as important as the quantity. If you focus more on eating nutrient-rich foods, you don’t have to worry as much about calories.

One of the most important ways to eat healthy is lose the white foods such as sugar, white bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes. In addition to the white foods, cut back on soft drinks, high-fat foods, fried foods, and scale back on portions to gradually lose body fat. 

Now it’s your turn, drop the "junk" and pick up a banana. You’ll be well on your way to a lifestyle of healthy eating in no time at all.

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