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Food or Mental Medicine

By Andrew Reyburn

Food is a type of medicine that makes you feel better. Food can raise morale in the work place and be compared to a type of mental medication if you eat healthy. Food is a necessity also like some mental medications. There are a lot of ways to look at this article due to the types of People, food and gatherings.

Holidays, the family gets together over a outstanding meal and good conversation. for some families holidays are all they have, due to the economy and busy schedules. So that type of gathering brings people together to catch up and see the grand kids, that type of emotion can be felt for months to come, and leave you looking forward to the next holiday. When you’re cooking that fabulous meal you shod feel so good about yourself, just knowing the smiles you’re going to put on people’s faces. If you don't like to cook don't cook then order out or have the gathering catered. That way you can relax and spend time with the family.

Fine dining and the Restaurant meeting, a lot of big business deals are made over food at a Restaurant or a catered conference table. Bad food can change the atmosphere reel fast. In a money meeting that's not what you want to happen. Ultimately good food makes people happy and will stop that straight scotch in the morning or Valium.

On one side, food is a type of gift or treat for yourself. Good food has the capability to lead to many different opportunities; Romance, Money, Pleasure, Socialization...etc. Food can get the depressed person off the couch and in a better mood especially if they want to go to the restaurant and get waited on. My main stress point is that food has to be good. Bad food is like bad medicine your going to get sick.

There are many types of categories High Class, Medium Class, Average, and Lower class. The high class people usually dine for statute or business. The who's who of the Rich, There is nothing wrong that, just a different life style. That's when bad food equals good scotch. Medium class generally wine and dine for family, business and pleasure. Average people eat out for good food and to treat the family to a nice place. Lower class eat out for pleasure it's somewhere to take the kids or mom and dad, it does not even have to be expensive it just has to be good. It's about getting waited on, and a type of pampering that you don't receive at home.

To sum it all up you get mental medicine from good food and dining experiences. No matter what the cost,good food and good service up lift your spirits. Isn't that what some mental medications do? Without the side effects. Go to the natural vitamin store and add some exercise. You'll probably feel a lot better without the meds.

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