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Celebrity Makeover

It seems like every time you open an entertainment magazine, there’s another celebrity makeover staring back at you. From blonde to brunette, out-of-shape to super fit, preppy to grungy, celebrity makeovers tend to be drastic and happen impossibly fast.

But if you’re like the rest of us, a celebrity makeover isn’t exactly in your budget. Do you have the cash to hire a personal trainer 7 days a week? Do you have the means to visit a top tier salon and spend hundreds on extensions, highlights, and a facial? Can you afford to dress like someone who doesn’t care? (We all know the true cost of that effortless look.)

While the hair and clothes can sometimes be easily changed, getting in shape is no quick fix. If you’re looking for a celebrity makeover of your own, BistroMD can help.

Gourmet diet meal delivery is the most convenient way to lose weight. BistroMD was created by Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., a bariatric physician and mother of four. Dr. Cederquist has helped patients lose weight for over twenty years. She understands the need for both convenience, and great taste, when dieting. Seeing many patients have trouble sticking to a diet composed of foods they didn’t enjoy, Dr. Cederquist resolved to fix the issue by creating a delicious, chef-prepared meal plan that is designed for weight loss.

Dr. Cederquist also saw how clients couldn’t keep up with the shopping, cooking, and calorie counting required on a diet. That’s why BistroMD meals are delivered directly to your doorstep. BistroMD is a simple and effective weight loss solution for those who want a celebrity makeover - without the cost.

Read our client testimonials to hear about dieters who transformed their bodies on the BistroMD program.

With home delivery and access to a team of dietitians, BistroMD will give you the full star treatment!

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