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BistroMD Expert Explains Change from Food Guide Pyramid to Dinner Plate

BistroMD Expert Explains New Dinner Plate Model

NAPLES, FL—BistroMD, an industry leader in home diet delivery, is putting one of its experts in the forefront to explain the significant change from the traditional Food Guide Pyramid to a dinner plate model called “MyPlate,” recently implemented by the USDA.

Christy Shatlock, MS/RD, is a registered dietitian, and one of the top nutritional experts at BistroMD, the number one physician-designed, chef-prepared diet delivery company in the nation.

“This dinner plate was created to better educate consumers about the government’s dietary guidelines,” says Shatlock. “Although the Food Guide Pyramid has been a symbol for what we should and should not eat for decades, it was confusing to read, and didn’t properly distinguish between healthy and unhealthy foods.”

With no clear distinction between healthy and unhealthy foods, combined with confusion over serving sizes, the pyramid was difficult for many to understand. This confusion over distinction between foods and serving sizes prompted the government to create an improved nutritional model that would make eating healthy easier to understand.

“As a dietitian, this new dinner plate model is already more informative and easier to understand than The Food Guide Pyramid,” says Shatlock. “The dinner plate more clearly defines what specific food groups to include in your diet, in addition to making serving sizes and portion control easier to understand.”

The new dinner plate model features four colored sections. Each colored section represents your daily recommended portion of a specific food group: purple represents protein, orange represents whole grains, green symbolizes vegetables, and red represents fruits. A small circular section to the right of the dinner plate represents your daily recommended serving of low-fat dairy.

“The benefit of the plate is that it gives you a picture of what your plate should look like,” says Shatlock. “Instead of just saying, ‘eat this many servings of this, and this many servings of that’ per day, it breaks down what you should have per meal through simple, but effective, imagery.”

With this new model, the government hopes that people will make more effort to eat the right foods, and avoid over-sized portions.

“BistroMD follows many of the same nutritional guidelines outlined on this new model,” says Shatlock. “I have worked closely with our founding physician, Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., to create meals for BistroMD that are portion-controlled, but nutritionally balanced to promote a healthy metabolism. Our company has always tried to emphasize the importance of portion control, while providing the right combinations of nutrients through home delivery of chef-prepared meals. BistroMD is excited about this new nutritional model, and we hope it will inspire people to make better, healthier choices.”

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